Deleting with Wacom Pen

I have set up an action to press the delete key when i hold down shift on the keyboard and click a button on my tablet pen. I would ideally like it to work so that if i am holding down shift, i can click the pen button multiple times to keep deleting e.g if i wanted to delete a few letters from a word. Currently it only allows one delete and if i want to keep going, i have to release the shift key every time i make one deletion.

Is it possible to change my actions so i can keep deleting when shift is held down?

Current actions:

This seems to work:

How to set up a repeating action whilst keys are held down.kmmacros (3.9 KB)
You'll need to change the Trigger to the click of your Wacom.




Jun-16-2021 21-44-14

Are you using special drivers? Or how did you manage to show your Wacom Intuos Pro tablet as the click?

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This is now what I have, but it doesn't delete at all now. Not sure if I've done something wrong. I notice there is a mouse click action there, which I guess may be why it's not working?

When I choose a trigger i select "USB Device Key Trigger" and when i click the button on the pen it recognises it. I dont think there is a way of getting it to simulate a pen click though in the actions section..

ah, oh I see.

in which app are you trying to do the Delete?

Ideally I'd like it to work in any program, but I guess the most important one is Adobe Indesign.

haven't found a way.
One idea I can think of is:
create a shortcut keyboard using keys on the left side of your keyboard, so you don't have to switch between your keyboard and holding the Wacom pen.

Thanks for trying. Yep i ended up remapping the tilde key to be backspace. Not a bad compromise.

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