We thank @peternlewis from time to time for creating and maintaining such a truly helpful and beneficial utility as KM.

I'd like to thank him for creating surplus and unexpected delight in my life. (I imagine i'm not the only one.) There is the special delight of snapping together a Macro like a race car made of Lego, and then having it reduce or eliminate some task of drudgery. There is also the delight of realizing you made a macro the last time you had to do some onerous task, and then watching as the macro does 15 steps for you, making for light work.

Though sometimes I am frustrated with my own lack of knowledge in using KM, the software itself provokes only positive feelings.

Thanks, Peter.




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I second that!

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Can't disagree with that! @peternlewis is the man, and KM is a joy to use, even when it's not (if that makes sense).


I can’t imagine my life without KM!!
Thank you @peternlewis for this amazing software.

Can’t wait to see what future versions will bring. :star_struck: