Detect if new, unread email is in Mail's mailbox

Like many of us I get a lot of junk mail. I use Spam Sieve to help reduce it in Apple Mail and it does help. But I still get a lot of messages in my business account, which is not an iCloud account, and they come into the Junk folder for that account and are marked as unread. I've tried every permutation of filter/rule but none of them can mark those messages as "read."

I have a simple macro that runs daily that just uses the Mail menu item Erase Junk Mail and then clicks the "Erase" button. What I'd really like to do is have a macro that runs in the background detecting whether new mail has been put in the Junk mailbox. If there is, it can then invoke the "Delete Junk Mail" macro and if not, just keep watching.

Please skip any advice about junk mail possibly containing legit email, etc., as I'm fine with deleting whatever makes it to junk through Spam Sieve, server filters and Mail rules. I'm aware that I could be removing a legit email and can live with that.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to run a macro in the background that would detect whether there's new email in the Junk mailbox? Thanks in advance to all.

Post in the Spam Sieve forum, they have Applescripts available to 're process' mail, and you can even tweak them to mark them as read / file to trash instead of junk, etc...

Excellent tip - many thanks, John.