Detect keyboard key while maintaining focus


I'm trying to automate a task where I'd like for KM to detect if I hit ENTER or RETURN but without loosing focus on the browser.

In other words, the routine at some point triggers a browser pop-up window where:

  1. I tab over to a dropdown menu then press the arrow keys until my desired option is highlighted and then I press RETURN to accept that highlighted setting.

  2. I then tab over to the OK button and press ENTER to close the pop-up and execute.

If I try pressing ENTER in step 1, for some reason the option reverts back to the first (default) item (which is not the one I want).

So, is there a way to have KM detect if I pressed RETURN in step 1 and if I didn't, have it throw an error message along the lines of "Wake up! you must press RETURN here!"?

Note that a Prompt for user Input doesn't work because it looses focus on the popup.

I can see "key detection without losing focus" being useful in other situations as well.

Thanks, Xavier


Maybe I'm confused here but if you have a macro with the enterkey trigger, set to do nothing, it should trap the key and "nothing" will get to the browser.