Detecting a decimal point

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to write an "If Any Condition Met Execute Actions" where the User inputs a value through a "Prompt for User Input". If that value is a whole number then it will execute a particular action. If the value contains a decimal point it needs to execute a different action.

As of right now I can't get the condition to detect the decimal point. I set the condition as If the Variable contains "." but it doesn't read true. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Did you actually run your macro?
Of course you will need to enter a value with a decimal point into the Prompt for Round_Robins BEFORE the IF/Then will show true.

Thank you For taking a look at my question. For some reason the window was showing false when it was true. I closed the program and then tested the macro it worked perfectly.

The display is live updated once per second. I suspect the issue was not “showing false when it was true” so much as “showing false when it I thought it should be true”. Typically user confusion comes from assuming the actions above have run when they have not yet. For example:

  • Set variable Test to text “Hello”
  • If variable Test is “Hello” (currently false)

The condition will show “(currently false)” until you first run the first action, but it is easy to be confused and wonder why the wrong thing is showing when “clearly” it should be true all the time (after the first run of the macro).