Determine elapsed time - I'm missing something -

I'm working with the 'Quote' leg of this macro. That's where the timing question comes from.
Run the 'Master' 'Mail Compose from FMP to Mail' script, that will trigger the 'sub-macro's' when needed.
Also - step 1 and 2 of that main macro is where I have set (for demo purposes) 2 variables that usually would come from Filemaker Pro. (I'm now on my 4th upload and mod to try to get this up in a comprehensive format so that others may experience my pain, (only kidding, it's good fun =) )
I would first, like to see what the actual elapsed duration of this macro is.
I have a 'start' seconds, and a 'stop' seconds variable.
I consistently get 2 seconds for the duration.
I'm counting and I get to at least 9-10 seconds so I know it's OE (operator error)
Would appreciate anyone taking a look to help me see the error of my ways.
I acknowledge I'm hacking here, not programming the best or smoothest way.
If someone has any input on my 'method' I would appreciate the input.

background would be:
Cleaning business operating in 2 counties, and with 2 different rate structures.
Data is in Filemaker Pro and I run a script in Filemaker that sets all the various variables.
eg. if in Orange_County, Rate1 thru Rate5 for Orange county, or Rate1 thru Rate5 for Westchester County etc. etc..
There is a basic variable (Quote) that gets 're-set' every time at the end of the macro.
When the macro is run, it replaces different parts of the quote structure.
inserts the data into mac mail and on and on.....

BEWARE - I did not take the time to 'clean up' the variables I use at the end of this macro.
Most all will start with 'z_' and should be easily delete-able as a group. I apologize, I'm pretty sure it's bad etiquette that I did not clean them up. - At this point if I went to do that, I would abandon this effort, so please forgive me. ~

thanx for taking a look-see~

Added after posting: I ran the macro by itself, not from filemaker and it is very quick, probably 2 seconds or so. When Filemaker is 'triggering' the macro, it takes at least 9-10 seconds to finish, but the duration is still telling me 2 seconds. I don't understand that~
(I know that Filemaker is taking time to set variables etc. but my question remains, why is the duration time not correct from start to finish.

DAG NAB IT - I found my problem, I didn't start the timing at the START of the filemaker sequence, I started it at the top of the macro in KM. !!!
I will keep the post up though, in case anyone has any input or comments.
Thank you~

Keyboard Maestro “Email Composition Macros” Macro

Email Composition Macros.kmmacros (83 KB)

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Your timing process looks fine.

I suggest you add a Log action to the start and end of your macro and check the Engine.log file time of the two log messages to confirm.

My guess is that what you think is taking 10 seconds is happening either before or after the macro section you are measuring.

Ahh - looks like it was a good guess :wink:

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