Determine if Clipboard Image is Unique?

Hi KM Community,

I’m trying to use a screenshot to determine if there are multiple instances of that image in my window. I.e., I want to determine if my clipboard image is currently unique.
Currently, the action “Find Image” only allows 1 image to be placed in the image well. I want to run an action that basically fills that image well with whatever is on my clipboard.
I feel like the action sequence in the URL below gets me about half way there, using XML to at least find the image from my clipboard. But it only tells me what the coordinates of my clipboard image is, not whether that image is unique, or whether there are other instances of that image on screen.

I’m not a programmer, but I’m willing to learn and figure stuff out! Please let me know if you’ve got any ideas.

In the XML in the topic you mentioned (Find Image on Screen using Clipboard Image?) you can see there is a Unique field set to true.

Run the action twice, once with Unique set to true and once with Unique set to false, and use two different result variables (so use two slightly different XML with false and Location1 and true and Location2).

If Location1 is empty, then the image is nowhere on the screen.

If Location2 is not empty then there is a unique image on the screen.

If Location1 is not empty and Location2 is empty, then there is more than one copy on the screen.

That's a good idea. Thanks for the help. Though, I was able to circumvent this (and allow the action to run faster) by limiting it to the screen area. I was running into the issue where the screenshot and the other image I was trying to reference were still slightly different, so the action would prefer the area where I took the original screenshot. Setting the parameters to the screen area prevented me from running into that issue.