Device Key Condition

Now that we have StreamDeck integration, I would like to be able to test the condition of a StreamDeck key in an If/Then action.

You will have to track the state with pressed and released triggers. Which is somewhat fragile. But there is no other way I'm afraid.

You can have a trigger for repeating while it is down so that you can use that.

  • Trigger While key is down (every P seconds)

    • Set variable Last Seen to calculation NOW()
  • trigger on release

    • Set variable Last Seen to calculation NOW() - 99999

Then condition:

  • If variable NOW() - Last Seen < P+1

should work reasonably reliably.

How do I do every P seconds?

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This seems to necessitate having the same trigger for both actions, but KM is asking me which one it should execute.

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One can be "pressed", one can be "down", and they would count as different triggers.

But that probably wont work because I think it "is down" repeating will time out after a short while.

Is there a way to test if ANY key is pressed on the Streamdeck. That way I can have a global macro for every key that can set a variable 0 for UP and 1 for Down. And not have to make a separate test for each key.

I don't think so. I think you'll need to create a separate trigger (in the same macro) for each key.

Yeah. Good. That’ll work. Thank you.

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