Device Key Triggers Stopped Working and Upgrading to Version 10 Is Apparently Impossible

Shortcuts I had on some mouse buttons didn't work today. It seems Keyboard Maestro doesn't register device keys any more.
I've checked it in other software (karabiner, steermouse) and the keys are definitely working.

So I just thought fuck it... I'll upgrade KM from 9.2 to 10, maybe that will fix it.
But when I click on the button to confirm the order, I'm being told:

But there is no checkmark or any link to terms of service. It's literally impossible to throw money at Stairways.

Actually, now that I have v10 on my system, the mouse buttons are registered again.
But I only have 12 days left :smiley:

Do you hide site elements e.g. by using ublock origin or some other adblocker?

When I open the page to purchase a license I have the same view like you, but then a section with billing information follows and lastly a line with a check box and the terms and conditions, just before the button to finalise the order.

I've turned off uBlock and entered my payment details again, clicked on the order button...
The issue remains

I've tried it with Amazon pay and credit card.

Do you see the same problem on the standard "get a new licence" page, or is it only happening for an upgrade? See if you can tick the box before applying your upgrade coupon and entering payment details.

What browser are you using?

Try a different one if you haven't – Safari tends to be the safest.

Otherwise – Contact Keyboard Maestro Support – and use the support address.

I was using Brave.

In Safari, there was a checkbox and I was able to upgrade.

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