Devonthink 'script` menu missing in the `select or show menu items`..?

Hi all

i wonder if anyone knows why the devonthink 'scriptmenu missing in theselect or show menu items`? See below the devonthink menus

yet in keyboard maestro it dosent show up

anyone knows why? Is this by design or a bug?

any work arounds for this?



this has been sitting here for ages..googling it reminded me i still don't know how to deal with it :smiley:

anyone knows a solution to quick launch Devonthink scripts via key shortcuts and Keyboard Maestro ?



Hi, @zeltak, I was faced with this problem once. So I opened and copied the scripts that were important for me:


Here is an example how I integrated a DT script to select tags into a KM macro:


In combination with BetterTouchTool I only have to make a left mouse tab and the desired tag is entered below

Tag add <B727 201029T111714>.kmmacros (41,1 KB)

haha thx @appleianer!

didn't think about just launching the script via KM directly :P)

thx a lot and stay safe :slight_smile:


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