Dial iPhone with Selected Number

Mac Yosemite and iPhone iOS 8 offer a cool ability to dial a call from your Mac using your iPhone. The call connects through the Mac and uses the Mac speakers and microphone.
###Dial iPhone with Selected Number
###Download Here:
Dial iPhone with Selected Number.kmmacros (28.9 KB)

D/L KM Plugin: Activate application by Name

VER: 1.0 Last Update: August 14, 2015
Author: @JMichaelTX at KM forum

PURPOSE: Dials Selected Phone Number using your iPhone

(1) Select a phone number in any document of any app
(2) Press the Hot Key
(3) To Dial: Press RETURN when Dialer Window appears
(4) To Hang Up: Press CMD-W if Dialer has focus, or click on "End Call"
(5) I have tested this ONLY with US numbers, but it should work with any phone number that your iPhone can use.

(1) Uses the FaceTime app to place audio call.
(2) All non-digits are removed, and only numbers are passed to the iPhone to dial.

(1) Yosemite or later
(2) iPhone with iOS 8+
(3) KM Plugin: Activate application by Name
• Author: Rob Trew (@ComplexPoint)
• D/L from: http://tinyurl.com/oma3gqc

###My sincere thanks and gratitude to these guys for their valuable help with this: