Dictating in Google Docs using macOS dictation

Hi everyone, fairly new user of Keyboard Maestro, loving it so far, but I have what is possibly a very difficult question for you sleuths.

I am attempting to use macOS dictation in a Google Doc; however, Google prevents any macOS dictation input into Docs (I presume in an attempt to force the user to use their proprietary voice dictation instead, which I find to be inferior). Is there any clever workaround you can suggest so that I can continue using Apple dictation within a Google doc?

One idea I had was to create some kind of complex macro where triggering the use of macOS dictation brings up a temporary notepad-like file that received my dictated words, and copies dictated product into the Google doc. I'm sure you guys have a much more elegant solution in mind. Any suggestions would help, thanks so much.

Are dictations tools blocked In any browser?

macOS dictation works totally fine in basically any other field in any browser. Sole exception appears to be in Google Docs (in any browser), which makes me feel like it’s a restriction specific to Docs.

Hey Guys,

Strange. Dictation works in Google Docs on my old macOS 10.12.6 Sierra system with Google Chrome 91.0.4472.77.

It's a little sluggish, but it works.


Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, you mean that Apple dictation works in Google Docs?

I wonder if it's something I'm missing here. I've not messed around with settings, as this is a new M1 Mac that I'm running on Big Sur. Could it be something within Docs itself?


It could be Big Sur.

It could be Google Docs.

It's hard to say.

I did note that auto-save makes the process a bit more sluggish.

Dictation is much speedier in BBEdit, and BBEdit is highly scriptable. It runs 24/7 on my system, so that's what I'd generally use for dictating.

Easy enough to create a macro that activates BBEdit along with dictation – waits for the end-dictation keyboard shortcut – and then cuts and pastes to the previous application.

(BBEdit is commercial, but it reverts to its freeware Lite version after a 30 day trial period – the Lite version is still very powerful and scriptable.)


Thanks! I'll definitely consider BBEdit; is there an application already built into macOS that would be able to take the place of BBEdit?

Also, I found this form online which sort of confirms my theory that Google somehow blocks Apple dictation: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/225460/apple-dictation-missing-commands-in-web-browser

Quote from there:

"Google docs uses a custom javascript application that disables the services component of the Mac (that lets the built in Mac voice dictation work.). If you want to use voice dictation in Google Docs, you have to use there build in functionally, and you MUST use Google Chrome."

Is there a way to somehow circumvent Google from disabling the services component of the Mac? Thanks for your guidance

Yes, make sure to Enable Native API and disable Web Accessibility:

The solution was to
type chrome://accessibility into your address bar.
Checkmark "Native accessibility API support" and
make sure "Web accessibility" is unchecked.
Then refresh the tab you want to use and try Voice Control - Dictate again.
Then it works.

Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252657249