Dictionary Question - Renaming the key?

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I understand how to get a value from a dictionary key using the Set Dictionary Value action. What I don't know how to do is rename an existing Key, from within Keyboard Maestro. I use @DanThomas's Dictionary Editor and that works fine. But I'm trying to automate the process from within Keyboard Maestro.

For example, from within a URL dictionary, change the key Microsoft to MSFT.

Microsoft - https://www.microsoft.com


MSFT - https://www.microsoft.com

Can anyone shed light on that, if it's possible? Or do I have to read that key and value, delete it and recreate it with the new key and old value? I've looked around the forum and couldn't find it.

I hope that makes since.

Thanks much!

Yes, exactly. Once a Dictionary Key is set to no value both the Key and the Value are gone from the Dictionary. You can effectively change the name of a key with two Set Dictionary Actions. And as you have @DanThomas's Dictionary Editor you can confirm that the old key has been renamed to the new key with the original content still in it.

Change Name of Dictionary Key.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

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Another thing I do with dictionaries is SWAP two values. If I have two regular variables A and B, I can swap them like this:


You can do the same thing with dictionary entries. In the case of A and B, you would change them to dictionary references, while C could remain a regular variable (probably LocalC, to make it a local variable.)

The reason I'm swapping dictionary entries, if you are curious, is that I have a dictionary which stores the text values of buttons on my Stream Deck (actually, I'm using my iPad as a Stream Deck device, which is much better in my opinion.) By swapping two values I can have the buttons swap positions.

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Thank you for your response @Zabobon. Your example matches how I was performing the task. I was just thinking there was a more direct way to perform the task.

Thanks, as always, for jumping in!