Dictionary question/suggestions

Question: Do Dictionaries obey the Local/Instance scoping when named with the proper prefix?


  1. Can we get an action to set multiple dictionary key/values in a single action instead of one per key/value pair.

I think the dialog should work like the User Prompt, with Key name on the left, value on the right and +/- for adding/removing pairs.

  1. Possible to make User Input accept a dictionary and turn it into a popup option? The value of each key/value would be the display option (and return value)

  2. Any place there is a Save Variable option, the ability to save it as the value of a key/value pair in a dictionary

I forgot we had arrays now too. Perhaps change number 2 to having it accept an array and making those the popup values.

No, dictionaries are global.

No. Although I am working on some JSON support, so that may be able to do it if you go via JSON. But otherwise, you will have to do some level of conversion yourself that results in multiple Set Dictionary Value actions being executed.

It is possible I will add some sort of higher level way of interacting with dictionaries, but there are no current plans for that and it is unlikely it will happen for 9.0.

Plausible, but unlikely.