Did I Make a Mistake Purchasing Power Management Software to Use With KM

Here is my use case:

I have 2 Macros setup 1-morning setup and 1-night setup.

The Morning setup I realized recently was pseudo working because I was using the default power management scheduling tool to wake up the Mac then the morning setup Macro would run five minutes later.

But then....

The night setup Macro wouldn't run because the default power management scheduling tool can only schedule two dates and time ranges to wake and sleep. Therefore I bought this Power Manager software to have more control over my Mac's wake/sleep schedule and make both Macros work.

For the Keyboard Maestro Macros, I was using a time trigger that didn't wake the mac at night to run the Macro. My question is: was there a better way to get the Keyboard Maestro macros to execute without using additional software? If so, it would have saved me the $12.95/yr I spent on Power Manager software license?

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I have macros triggered all the time from either screen saver or sleep mode.
For those 'overnight' macros, I usually have a 'wake screen' action, then a small delay and then another 'wake screen' action. They always trigger.
The only thing that comes to mind is maybe it makes a difference if, in your system prefs/energy saver, you have 'Put hard disks to sleep when possible' checked.
I do not have that checked.
Don't know if that makes a difference but just saying.

Even with Power Manager software, the Morning Setup macro didn't execute properly this morning. I even turned off the scheduler within the default Power Manager in Preferences so there would be no chance of a conflict.

I've been having a lot of trouble getting Macros to execute since I upgraded to KM9.

Thanks for your post @bocciaman :+1:

I bought Power Manager yesterday. It's really easy to display the battery status of the MacBook Pro on your iPhone or Watch with the help of Keyboard Maestro and Pushover notifications... so without much programming knowledge:


The price is fair, too.

Let me ask my question again because the point of my post seems to be getting lost.

Is there anybody in our community running timed macros? If so, do they run when the Mac is asleep?

I created my macros because I want my mac ready to go when I wake up in the morning and when I get home from work at night.

My Problem: I don't think Macros can execute if the Mac is asleep. Therefore I bought the Power Management software. When I run it on a schedule, I find that my mac is going back to sleep a few minutes later and caffeine has turned off despite the instructions of the KM Macro.


KM's wake screen action is interfering

Power Management software is interfering


Mac's default energy saver is interfering

I'm not sure which one to tinker with.

This is correct. @peternlewis has confirmed this in other threads.

That is very strange. AFAIK, the only thing that will automatically put your Mac to Sleep is in the Preferences > Energy Saver:


For more info about Mac auto-sleep, see these articles by Apple Support:

I don't know anything about the Power Management Software, and whether or not it could be putting your Mac to sleep. I'd advise checking with their support and/or forum.

I've used this for years without any problems, but always after a manual wake (either from Sleep or from Startup). But I don't know about PMS. You might run a test during the day to confirm that the KM on wake trigger will work properly AFTER a PMS wake.

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If I understood correctly, you purchased the power management software, because it allows you more than one wake-up time per day (i.e. one in the evening, one in the morning).

So, if you are using this power management software, I would use it for both wake points (not combining it the macOS’s scheduler).

If Caffeine doesn’t work, try another keep-awake utility. IMHO one of the best is Amphetamine ($0).

Just seen that Amphetamine now also allows to set complete keep-awake schedules:


This is of course different from the macOS scheduler, since it keeps the Mac awake during all the scheduled period (except optionally the display), and it does not wake-up a sleeping Mac.

But if this is OK for you, then you could just combine it with macOS’s morning wake schedule and the Mac will be awake when your evening macros run. (If inside the set schedule, of course.)


I'll play. I used to use an app called Shutdown, which provided similar boot and shutdown times but something happened (probably the Mac OS lost support) which really isn't important now.

Using Keyboard Maestro, this is how I accomplish what I need. I execute this within another macro, at log in, because I shutdown my machine every night. You can easily change when you want to trigger it.

The comment section will give you more info. Of course, the calculations will need modification for your specific needs. Easy to do. In any event, I don't use any additional software for this task. I login to my machine and during setup, this macro handles the task.

Change Start Up Time Automatically TeleWork or Home Arrival Macro (v9.0)

Change Start Up Time Automatically TeleWork or Home Arrival.kmmacros (56 KB)

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