Different events triggering unlock trigger


I have multiple macros that have the unlock trigger with an if then attached to check how many screens are connected and then activate the respective window layout macro group.

I noticed these not working properly anymore and added a "display text" so I can see when they get triggered.
Turns out they get triggered by some system events. One was randomly when I closed the settings window, after some more digging I could narrow it down to when system extension menu has been loaded (Steer Mouse in this case) as I didn't need it I uninstalled it and it didn't trigger anymore.
Now tried installing a new mouse driver and afte the install was completed/failed (it got blocked because software is outdated and incompatible to this Mac OS version) all the unlock trigger macros got triggered again.

What is happening here and is this known? I couldn't find anything through search and this only started happening lately for me.

edit: BTT seems to be also affected by this, showing stuff that should only show up on original login, I thought this had something to do with BTT and retried with it closed - same result on KM.
Found out this additionally gets triggered in some instances when I close apps.
So this evolved to probably not be a KM issue as it's affecting BTT aswell which moves this to finding out what is happening on the system level here?

Hi dawn,

Did you ever find a fix? I am encountering the same issue where "trigger At System Unlock" is being triggered incorrectly.

The issue is reliably reproduced by manually opening any sparse disk image with a password. The log items below show a macro being executed when different encrypted disk images are unlocked, even though they have nothing to do with "At System Unlock".

I created and tested numerous types of disk images. All .sparseimages cause the problem.

If "Triggered by..." in the macro is changed from "...Mac is unlocked" to "Wake" or "Login", the error disappears, but removes that functionality.

2023-10-04 09:53:16 Execute macro “Max Bright!” from trigger At System Unlock
2023-10-04 09:53:16 Execute macro “  ➜ Move Palettes (at wake/unlock/login, with pause)” from trigger At System Unlock
2023-10-04 09:53:16 Execute macro “TEST” from trigger At System Unlock

The "Max Bright!" macro is just two lines, yet it also suffers from the same issue...

Increase Screen Brightness
Repeat Actions 20 Times


Max Bright!.kmmacros (1.7 KB)

Thanks, Joe
M1 Mac, Ventura 13.6, KM 10.2


No, not at this time.

That is useful to know.

Hello mapski,

i have not found a fix to this and since stopped using these macros for a variety of reasons.
I have added notifications to the unlock trigger macros i use now to check if it still happens.