Difficulty Finding Available Menu Items in Sibelius

I am using an application called "Sibelius," which is a music notation software. Sibelius's ribbon does not seem to adhere to the traditional menu-item paradigm. As a result, I am having difficulty determining the menu items that are available to me.

Basically, I'd like keyboard maestro to trigger a key command when Sibelius is in the "play" state. However, I haven't been able to determine how the naming of the action within Sibelius correlates to its keyboard maestro mapping. Therefore, "menu item containing..." is not useful to me at the moment.


I'm not familiar with that software, and from your wording I want to be certain you're aware of how Keyboard Maestro can present users the menu items it can access:

KM Menu Selection

At the bottom right of that image, the drop down titled "Menu" shows all the menu commands for currently running applications that Keyboard Maestro can access.

Thank you for the response. For some reason, play appears here. Substituting "play" for a nonsense word changes (currently true) to (currently false).


Play does not appear in any of these menu items however.


Therefore, I am still unable to track down the relevant menu item.

Obviously still difficult since I don't have the software available, but have you tried having Keyboard Maestro simulate pressing the Space Bar? I put that idea out there just because that key is equal to Play/Pause in many audio-playing applications.

(And I don't know if it matters, but in your first screenshot you show "play" in Keyboard Maestro, but it's possible capitalization matters, in which case the menu item would include "Play" with the letter P uppercase.)

I use Sibelius too and KM cannot dive through the menus because of the ribbon. The "Menu" items that you want to access are not recognized as Menu items by KM, only the ones on the menu bar at the very top are. It's very frustrating because with other music notation software such as Finale or Dorico you can use KM to "menu-dive" very efficiently. For your specific application, you should be able to create a macro with the first step being "Type Modifier" and have it type ⌃ (control). This will activate the text shortcuts for the items in the ribbon and you can navigate to the Play menu using those and most likely trigger the command you want within that tab of the ribbon.

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Just to point out that you aren't matching a menu item with that action, but looking for any menu item that contains "play". Does Sibelius have a "Playback Window" item in the "Windows" menu?