Difficulty finding form elements (Buffer)

Hello, all. I've been experimenting, trying to see if I can use KM to insert some of the info I need into a web form (Buffer) so I don't have to type the info manually or rely on my usual rickety UI hacks. It's not a simple web form, but a more complex one that's stimying me so far.

I watched this tutorial video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jar6JYG6JAc) and tried to do what it said, e.g. call up the web inspector and try to find the labels for the fields and objects I need, but it wasn't showing any information that was useful to me. I believe that since you have to have information typed into the text field (that will be tweeted out), then click the blue arrow, then click Schedule, then select the hour and minute fields, it will be beyond what I reasonably do with KM, but if anyone has any experience with difficult web forms like this, I'd love some advice. If appropriate, I could pass my credentials along if checking the actual code of the page were needed.

Screenshot is here

Well, this is more of a limitation of JavaScript than of KM. KM has no problem injecting any JavaScript into selected browsers.

But I can't even begin to evaluate a complex form like this without having its URL.
If you'd like to post the URL, I'll take a look.