Difficulty searching for macros

I am using @griffman 's outstanding backup macro shown below, and have problems

  • i should rename all macros which start with "." because the macro creates backup files which are invisible in Finder (forbidden syntax). I simply want to identify those macros, and subsequently rename them to "-"
  • I have to rename or delete macros and macro groups with identical names (not necessarily identical macros). is there a syntax to find both macros and macro groups with the same name ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

MACRO: MacroBackerUpper—it's like Time Machine for your macro library - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

Just to be clear, you don't have to rename identically named macros unless they're in the same macro group. But yes, identically-named macros, and identically-named macro groups will cause problems: Not in the backup itself, but the analysis part will be wrong because the macro can't figure out which one is which. But all the macros will back up (even the dot-named ones will do so, though you can't see them in Finder).

I have to head out now, but I'll try to answer the "how" questions later, after some experimentation (if nobody else has replied yet).


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ok. thanks very much !

Just an idea for a future update: would it be complicated for you to actually list the problematic macros, instead of just giving one example of each type of problem ?

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It can, but the problem is the list won't fit in the dialog. I guess I can write it so that it outputs the full list to a file, and just displays an example. I'll work on that.



Select All Macros, Sort Macros by Name, look for ones that start with .

Select All Macros, Sort Macros by Name, Select all macros, Copy.

You now have a list off all macros. Just find duplicated lines. Use BBEdit, or use the script like:

pbpaste | uniq -d | pbcopy

Then go through them and see which ones are in the same group (you can select them in the list (with All Macros still selected) and the group will show at the top right, so just select the first then the second and see if they are the same group.

thank you very much @peternlewis . I should just mention that @griffman is writing an update of his macro : MacroBackerUpper- which now lists all problematic files. I tested it in beta and it is absolutely superb, the equivalent of backup all macros to. a folder, but on steroids, for example using hard links to minimize disk space usage etc written by someone with experience in writing Mac OS apps. One of the best macros I have seen in this forum. It would make a nice menu item in KM !

Just to be clear, I don't write our apps—that's Peter Maurer, our founder and programmer. We work together on the design and features we want, but he does all the code. I do all the other stuff required to keep us going, including tech support :).