Dim multiple monitors?

I do film sound editing and I have 3 monitors to work with, I’ve written a macro that will dim the main work monitor but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to dim any of the others. the ideal situation is that I can dim two of them and leave the third one bright for playback.

any ideas?

hey djvordo,

I run multi-monitor.

In the past I would simply hook up a power strip and put the two monitors I don’t want to be using to a switch and fully kill the power on the monitors. I also wrote KM macros to set my laptop monitor to, for instance, 14 steps down in brightness. But I can only get it to work for the one monitor.


I poked around looking for a software solution and found a piece of “donate-ware” out there that will allow the dimming of the external monitors. The program is called “Shades” and it can be found at this URL:


I’ll state that before 10 minutes ago, I did not know anything about this program. But it appears pretty benign, and seems to do exactly what you want. The program looks like it can stand on it’s own. You can assign hot keys directly to the different brightness configurations right within the configuration preference pane. And since it is fully accessible in the preference pane, it should be fully accessible to KM in some way or another to incorporate in KM workflows.

Not sure if there is a way to simply set up other profiles for the external monitors, but Shades seems to get right to the point, in a hurry.

no, that is the ticket! perfect - it just works and it easily dims the monitors I want and it ignores the other one.


Didn’t mind hunting around for it either. Anything to enhance multi-monitor… the only way to fly.