Disable All Macros When <Some App> Is Frontmost

I know this must be a dumb question but I'm having a brain freeze. How can I disable all macros when application(s) is frontmost?

You will need to enable those disabled macros when you switch to other apps.

But why do you need to disable all macros? The macro groups that are set to be active with specific apps will not do anything in other apps.

Only the global macro groups will possibly interfere with your operation. If you don't want those macros to be active in those apps, simply put them in one macro group and choose to disable that macro group when the app is front.


Then make another macro, do the opposite. When an app deactivates, Enable the macro group.


Hey Mike,

I presume you've got a good reason for doing that.

Just to make sure...

The vast majority of my macros are app-specific and in app-specific groups that only work when the given app is frontmost.

My Global macros I generally want working everywhere, although I do have some that exclude certain applications. This is easily accomplished in the macro group specification.


Thanks for your help. I've been using KM for so long but in this case I just had a total brain freeze that I could disable a macro group. Thanks for the slap on the head to wake me up:)

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