Disable Clipboard Shortcut

How do I disable clipboard shift+command+v keys?

Because it overwrite paste app shortcut โ€“ both app has same shortcut.

plz tell me how to do it or delete this shortcut - shift+command+v so I can use paste app for clipboard.


I'm not quite sure I understand you correctly. You want โŒ˜โ‡ง+v to do nothing?

Then don't assign any action to the shortcut, global or app specific.

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What paste app are you talking about?

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app name is paste dot io

Did you mean:


Are you using this in a web browser or an app?

If an app where did you get it?

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no its pasteapp dot io it comes with setapp dot com

Perfect solution but it's popup a light box with selection when I press โŒ˜โ‡ง+v how do I disable it? the bottom of the screen is paste app


The name of the app is actually just Paste.app.


Look at the app's preferences.

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If you want you can just press "p". :grinning:

Can't you just change the shortcut in the app Paste? (As probably @ccstone suggests)

What you see is a conflict menu. This macro in KM has the same shortcut.

So you have to change this shortcut.

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I think it means that there are two KM macros with that shortcut -- both of which are intercepting the โŒ˜โ‡งV that OP wants the Paste app to receive.

@theapptest -- open up the KM Editor, select the "All Macros" Smart Group, and type (or paste from here) hotkey:โ‡งโŒ˜V into the "Search" box top-right. That will find all the macros you have with that shortcut (and those that have the same but with extra keys, like โŒฅโ‡งโŒ˜V.

Either change the hot key for, or disable, the macros that are interfering with Paste.


@Frankb, @Nige_S, @ccstone

I just deleted the Switcher Group macro and problem solved.

Thanks for your help.

@Nige_S is probably right. You have deleted one of two macros in KM and thus eliminated the conflict.

That's a bit drastic!

Next time, just "Disable" either the Group or the macro -- you'll find that option in the "View" menu, or you can use the


...at the bottom of the Editor window, there's one for each column (Group, Macro, Action).

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