Disable Mac Look Up in Dictionary Shortcut ^⌘D

I want to use this shortcut in an app: ^⌘D (control-command-d)

However, it's a system-wide assigned shortcut for Look Up in Dictionary. Anyone knows of a way to reassign it?

Usually, changing the shortcut in Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts would do the trick. But it doesn't in this case: the Look Up in Dictionary shortcut in Services/Searching triggers the opening of a Dictionary window to look up the highlighted word, not to the popover triggered by ^⌘D.

Any ideas??


EDIT: nevermind I found a way through terminal.

defaults write com.apple.symbolichotkeys AppleSymbolicHotKeys -dict-add 70 '<dict><key>enabled</key><false/></dict>'


Hi. I ran this command but it did not work.

I am on a MacBook Pro using macOS 11.6.

Is there some modification required to this in after the updates? Please I desperately need help on this one.


Hi! Sorry I don't visit often...

It still works for me (I am on Big Sur 11.6.7). The Terminal command above should disable the ^⌘D shortcut for Look Up in Dictionary (ie. pressing ^⌘D should do nothing until you reassign it to something else).

What are you trying to do exactly?