Disable MacOS Notifications when KM macro is running

MacOS has several notifications (e.g. Calendar notifications, Reminders app notifications) etc.

Is there a way to disable these when a KM macro is running and then re-enable them when the macro has finished?

Very often, I'll leave my KM macros to run only to come back to find that a MacOS notification occurred, which prevented find by image from working.

If you haven't already done so, try setting a keyboard shortcut for Do Not Disturb in System Preferences and having the macro type that shortcut at the beginning and end.


Thanks, that works perfectly!

Out of interest, do you know if there is any way to get Do Not Disturb to turn on when any macro run and then turn off when macro is over, without having to add the shortcut to each macro. If not, not to worry, as I can add the shortcut to each macro, but I just thought it would be neat if I could make it happen automatically.

No problem. And no, I don't believe there's any way to automatically turn DND on and off for any macro. Off the top of my head, the best I can think of is to use AppleScript to add the appropriate actions to the beginning and end of selected macros, and that seems like it would only be worth doing if you have, say, more than ten macros you'd want to modify like this.

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I feel dumb for asking but how do I set a keyboard shortcut for DND? I looked in Settings-->Notifications and Settings--> Keyboard-->Shortcuts. Thanks.

Nevermind. I found it under Settings--> Keyboard-->Shortcuts-->MISSION CONTROL.

In MacOS Monterey, they now have focus modes. Is there a way to trigger a focus mode via keyboard shortcut (or terminal command or Apple script)? Preferably not as a Toggle (e.g. so if you use a shortcut to enable it, it will come on even if it is already on). Thanks!

(I can't upgrade to Ventura, so looking for a solution that would work in Monterey).

You can enable/disable/toggle Focus via macOS Shortcuts, which can be triggered via KM actions.

I have quite a few macros that enable/disable/toggle various Focus modes depending on what I’m doing.

If you’d like more info, let me know and when I’m back at my computer tomorrow I can show you some examples.


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