Disable or Block the ASCII Output From the POS-Keyboard

I've a POS-keyboard model AK-S100D-UW-B/112 and I can assign to every key a shortcut/keystroke or ASCII-code.

With an x-keys keyboard you can use the keyboard without programing the board, unfortunately that's not possible with this keyboard. So as I've assigned an ASCII-code to every key to let it work with keyboard maestro. The key's have different functions in several applications.

Is it possible to disable or block the ASCII output from the keyboard outside these applications I use?

Hey Sander,

The first thing I'd do is see if Keyboard Maestro can see the keyboard with a USB Device Key trigger.

If it can then you can do pretty much anything you want.


Hi Chris,

It can be seen by USB Device Key trigger but only when you assign a shortcut/keystroke or ascii code to each button.

That would be a pain, but it's the only way I can think of to get you full control.


Yes it is, but is it possible with a script or something to block these ASCII-codes in for example WORD?


I can't think of a way to do that – other than perhaps un-mounting the input device.