Disabling Scheduled Macros on Certain Computers when Macro Sync is Enabled

The title pretty much describes what I’m trying to do, but I currently have three macs with my macros syncing. One of those macs is a background work horse at home, and I don’t need it to run most of my scheduled macros since I look at it once a week or so at the most. I’d still like the vast majority of my macros synced over to this background mac though, and was wondering if there was a way to disable certain macros on one machine without also disabling the given macro on the other machines via sync. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

Macro Groups can be marked as “Disabled on this Mac”.

You can also add a test into a specific macro to ensure you are on the correct Mac before proceeding (for example, a macro that is not appropriate or even dangerous on a specific Mac can have a test to check the Mac name or UID and refuse to run).

Awesome, thank you so much for the help!

Josh Gibson