Dismiss Grammarly Prompt

Grammarly has updated its desktop App which seems to be working much better except I can’t for the life of me add Keyboard Maestro engine to the ignored app list.

In the Grammarly app you can’t manually add to the ignored list you have to do it when the app is live, So when I call a Search Google prompt through KM I can see the Grammarly prompt but once I click the button to go to ignore, the KM prompt vanishes.

I know this is a Grammarly issue and I’ve reached out to their support site a few days ago and have not heard back.

Thought some of the wizards in here might have a better idea!


I try to help everyone, but I'm not able to help with this.

May I add a comment about trusting software? I'm always surprised how many people there are who don't trust their own government with access to their online files, but handing over all the data in their own documents via software written by people in foreign and hostile countries, possibly even the hostile governments themselves, somehow that's okay. Did you look up where Grammarly comes from and where its online data are stored? At least FaceBook (which I also wouldn't trust with all my data) exists in a US jurisdiction, but Grammarly exists in a hostile jurisdiction.

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