Display Results in Window where "Results" is HTML?

I have a few instances where I would like to be able to "style" the text of the output, and the easiest way would be HTML (think of, say, a list of words with some words or some letters in some words highlighted a specific color).

As far as I am aware. there is no way to do that in Keyboard Maestro, as the "Display Results in a Window" and "Display Text in Window" options both seem to just display straight text without any formatting.

Is there another option or another way of doing this that I might not have thought of?

(If you are familiar with iOS, you'll know that some apps have the ability to show what amounts to a web page without sending you to Safari. I think it's called SafariWebView or something like that but I might be mistaken about the name.)

Actually Display Text in Window action "displays plain text, rich text, and/or images". I use it often with rich text and it works well.

Here's an example:


It even has a Ruler you can display to set tabs, styles, list formats, etc:


In the KM Editor menu, see Edit > Format > Font and Edit > Format > Text


ha! Awesome tip on the Display Text in Window action. Didn't know it can do images! Really cool, i fiddled with the custom html prompt yesterday (thx for the tip there!) but for many simple things this could work great!



I've used Custom HTML Prompt extensively (Literary Toolbox, etc.) for just such output. At heart, it simply presents a window in which you can display HTML, no prompt actually required.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I had a strong suspicion that I might be overlooking something, and now I have a few things to try out.