Display Text Going to Notifications Column SOLVED

Display text messages used to appear on the screen.
Now they only appear hidden in the Notifications section column.
I can't see how to make them appear on the screen again.
Anyone help?
TIA, Jim

If you are using the KM Display Text Action, you can make them appear as a notification using the option "Display Text Briefly" or you can make them appear in a window on the screen using the option "Display Text in a window."

Based on what you are saying, this appears to be the answer to your question. But please let me know if I'm wrong because I want to help. Perhaps if you showed an image of your action it would be easier to help.

Keyboard Maestro's Display Text Briefly events are hidden when the system Do Not Disturb is on.

It may be that your Do Not Disturb settings have changed – you can see them at:

System Preferences > Notifications > Do Not Disturb

That sounds more like what his problem was. Good assessment.

Thanks for your help. I am using display text briefly. Do not disturb is off.
So, must be something else.
I am using Monterey 12.0.1
It used to work in older versions of the OS.

Monterey, alas, I can't experiment with here.

Under System Preferences > Notifications, do, of course, check the app-specific settings for Keyboard Maestro.

As @ComplexPoint has said - check that the App Specific Settings are set to On. I had the same issue and that was it. Seems like the update to Monterey helpfully turned some of them off...


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Thanks all.
Before posting I had checked that Monterey had not changed the notification settings.
It had.
I fixed them. Tried some other things. Tested a lot!
Still didn't work.
REBOOTED mac: Now works.
Perhaps the reboot was necessary.

Things have been going swimmingly for so long that I forgot the most basic of all tech support messages: have you switched it off and then on again?

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That is the second most important IT rule. The first most important is "try everything twice." The third most important is "explain the problem carefully to a peer" which isn't because the peer will help you, but because wording the problem frequently helps one solve the problem.