Display Text in Window background color

I use the Dark Mode on my Mac and having the Display Text in Window with a white background is always a pain to the eyes.

I found this old post saying it was going to be "fixed" (I suppose), but with version 10 and now version 11, it's still white:

Is there a way to change this?
I remember a while ago someone pointed out that certain things such as the font can be customized, but I can't seem to find that wiki page and I don't know if this background "issue" is mentioned there.

@peternlewis any updates on this? You mentioned it would be resolved, but I'm not sure if this is what he OP was referring to or not, but I guess they were.

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The link you posted to was a comment about the background not being white, which was resolved in 9.0.1.

Text is displayed in black on white (just like Pages does for example).

I'm not sure if this will change. Maybe.

I have the same issue. It seems sometimes it can be black background as well (if I right click and then try the display text element)