Display Text in Window Not Working

Hi, I want to display the %TriggerValue% variable in a window when a new file is added to a folder. When I add a file to the folder Nothing happens. The macro starts running, but never displays the text window until I use the debugger to advance the script. What am I missing?
I also tested it with "ignore partial or changing files", "ignore partial files", "trigger all changes immediately".
Hope you can help. Thanks.

Here's a screencast of what I'm seeing.

Test display text in window.kmmacros (2.4 KB)

Hi @cachewest - you’ve got “Pause New macros” checked in the debug window (as shown in your video). So when your macro gets triggered the debugger is pausing it for you. Uncheck it and it’ll run fine or just do not use the debugger.

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Thanks. It's working now that I've disabled debugger.

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