Displaying variable name in User input Dialog

When making a Prompt for User Input, the phrase before this user input field is exactly the name of the variable it is stored in.

So, it means this variable has to be a user-readable name, not any variable name that i prefer in my script. So, i cannot ask the user: Fill in your name here: and the date given will be stored in variable "username".

or is there a trick for this?

You could use HTML Prompts. Or you could make it work like this:

But I bet you there is a trick. @JMichaelTX will pop up here any moment with a workaround. :wink:

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Yes, there is a trick for this. Select Help from the gear menu in the action to take you to the wiki, which lets you have a unique name for a variable without showing the whole details (eg MyVariables__Show This).

The variable will still be the full long name, if you want to change it for simpler use in a script, you will need to copy the long display name to a shorter name, eg:

Set Variable “ScriptVar” to text “%Variable%Marker 1 name%”