Diving Into V10 Features finally

Like many of you I am a KM loyalist and updated to V10 the date it came out with no hesitation. I'd like to consider myself a power user but love coming to the forum and learning new and more effective ways to create macros.

I was hoping by now I would have dove into the new features of V10 but I really haven't the only one I have really implemented is I've added a few palettes in the menu bar. I like look of having custom icons up there and appreciate the ability to only show some Macros in a group. WIth Bartender 4 I've been assigning hot keys to toggle those menu bar items but I am trying to juggle my hot keys.

What kind of logic has everyone applied to using these menu bar-specific palettes? I'd love to be able to trigger them in the menu bar within KM as Bartender does not allow duplicate hotkeys.

Have any of you other KM power users written a guide or youtube video with how you've implemented some of the new features. The documentation from Peter is outstanding as usual but I am more of a see-it-in-action person.

Hi @Brian_Martin - you might want to read this thread…

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ohh nice! Thanks for the heads up. Not sure how I missed that.