Do Not Use for the Keystroke of an Active Hot Key Trigger

From the Wiki this makes sense but it might be helpful to post an example and a counterexample of what is acceptable. I was shocked when I learned this trick in the attached pictures that you could use the same key you are using for a macro to keep triggering a macro. Such a useful and helpful trick that thankfully doesn't seem to cause any conflicts that makes navigating a breeze.

Do Not Use for the Keystroke of an Active Hot Key Trigger

You should not use this action to simulate a keystroke that is the same as an active Hot Key Trigger. Typing a keystroke that is the hot key trigger for an active macro has unpredictable behaviour, it may type the keystroke or trigger the macro, and which will vary depending on unpredictable factors including the load on the Mac, the version of OS X or Keyboard Maestro and other factors.
Instead use the Trigger Macros by Hot Key action if triggering the macro is desired, or alternatively, find another way to cause the desired action (eg use the Select or Show a Menu Item action to select a menu instead of simulating a menu command key).

Sorry, I'm not following your statement. I don't see where you use the same keystroke in the macro that is used to trigger the macro.

For example, your trigger:

But the keystroke you use is different, it does NOT have the modifier keys pressed:


Pressing the END key by itself does NOT trigger the macro.

Perhaps I misunderstood or missed something. If so, please feel free to correct me.

No you didn't misunderstand anything, it is not the same keystroke but contains the same executing character. I get that it is not the same since the modifiers are part of the full keystroke, I just didn't think you could even overlap executing key like that while the modifiers are being held. It is like it looking at the full modifier and then just for this it is only looking that End key is down and disregarding any modifiers which is very cool.

I guess I was just looking for an example of a bad example.