Do something for everything in a list

I am new to this, but what i am going for seems pretty doable.

I have a list of things (contacts in a contacts program) and i am wanting to select each one, and take a screenshot of what is below, and save it. If i could name it what that selected contact is, that would be fine.

I feel like if i knew how to use the “for each” option, it would probably do the job, but maybe that only works in the finder.

Alternatively, rather than the screenshot, i could print to a pdf file. But i just am not sure the best way to go about clicking all over a dialog box accurately.

Thanks for any help.

Which contact program is this?


Oh, sorry. That is the one I am moving to. The one I am getting info from is contactizer pro.

Does not know it, so I can not test it.
What gets to the clipboard, when you press cmd+c when a contact is selected?
If it contained the name or other info then it should be possible to use this for naming the PDF.

Are you trying to migrate the info to BusyContacts?