Do Something On First Trigger, Something Else After Last

I happened upon a nifty thing, while trying to solve something for someone else, and figured it might have a few other applications.

In the template below, I've included a few Insert Text by Typing actions for demonstration purposes. The trigger is set to ⌥⌘0.

As an example, if you trigger the macro 5 times quickly (within 0.3sec), this is what will be typed each time:

1 - AB
2 - B
3 - B
4 - B
5 - B 0.3sec pause C

You can of course increase or decrease the pause duration.

A good real-world example of this can be found in the thread I linked to above which, in brief, moves the mouse, does something repeatedly and then restores the mouse to its original position at the end.

A B... C.kmmacros (24 KB)

Macro screenshot