Documentation for "Capture matches to variable" feature of "Search variable"

Is there any documentation for the “Capture matches to variable” section of the “Search variable” action?

I’d like to know how to use this feature, but can’t quite figure out how it works. I assume I could use a regular expression to grab multiple substrings.

Hey Jack,

There’s not much in the docs, although the topic has been discussed on the list more than once.

Look for my macro Split Array with RegEx on the linked page.

As long as you understand how to write a regular expression with captures it’s pretty straightforward.

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Thanks, Chris. I had searched the previous posts under "Capture matches to variable" and not found anything.

Look for my macro Split Array with RegEx on the linked page.

This solves it for me. I hadn't realized it was as simple as using regex groups.

Peter, if you happen to stop by this thread: FWIW, I was tripped up on this action because I didn't understand the wording. If it said "Save captured groups to variables," it might be a little clearer. Just my two cents.

I view pretty much every thread/message, though on the forum I don’t guarantee to respond to every message/thread.

I have changed the text to “and save capture groups to Variables:” for future versions.

Thanks for the feedback.

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