Documentation of Calculation Operators

I would like to see a Wiki topic that lists all the operators that can be used in calculations.

How about this:

and the link it points to:

What’s missing from that?

Didn’t find Calculations because it isn’t included on the front page with other similar topics. And the link back from Functions to Calculations — “See the documentation for more information on calculations and functions and how to use them.” — points back to the documentation not the Wiki.

So given the link you have provided, let me change my request to a suggestion that Calculations be added to the front Wiki page.

Understood. I’ll let others decide on this.

FYI, I found it instantly by using the Wiki search box and typing in “calculations”. Not being critical here - I’m the last one to criticise someone for overlooking something. I just wanted to remind you of the search.

The link you found by searching the wiki for “Calculations” is a link to the manual page. That’s not really a Wiki page — as I understand it the manual entries are there during the transition to full Wiki documentation.

Funny - the URL points to the Wiki.

I know what you're talking about, but it appears to me that Peter decided to include the Manual in the Wiki.

Wikis are, in general, not like books, where you need a TOC. They are meant to be searched.

Searching the Keyboard Maestro wiki for either of the two key words in the title of this topic will find the list of operators. I will note that sometimes you may need to search for both the singular and plural forms of a keyword.

This Wiki is a mix of true Wiki pages and a chopped up manual. As I understand it the goal is to move all the manual stuff into true Wiki pages. I don't consider the /manual pages to be part of the Wiki, though they are placed there for convenience.

This Wiki does have a table of contents, and this is what the right half looks like:

This does not include Calculations, a topic that is on par with the topics it does show. It should be included.

Perhaps. Different people would probably prefer their favorite topic to be listed in the wiki TOC. It is intended to be a high level list of Keyboard Maestro topics/terminology, and there will always be some topics not mentioned here.

My point is that, wiki search is your friend. If you have an idea of the term, like "calculation" or "operators", then wiki Search is a fast way to find out about it.

Also, many, if not most, Actions that use calculations, like Set Variable to Calculation Action, have the Help topic that provides details on calculations and operators:

Your three topic links at the end there are further evidence why “Calculation Operators” should be included on the front page along with their co-equal topics such as “Variables” and “Functions”. It isn’t a matter of my particular preference — I am trying to make a logical argument, not express a preference.

That's a great point. I didn't know that. We are all spoiled by Google's ignoring plurals, gerunds, etc. and think every web site's search works the same way — especially since some do use Google, or something similar.

The Calculations section is in the User Manual which is now part of the wiki.

The reason the Calculations link was broken was because it actually referred to the old version 6 documentation. Fixed.

I have added a Calculations entry to the wiki top level table. It is debatable what should and should not be in that list, and there is no one right answer.

I just noticed only now that I can also use *globbing (“wildcard” search) in the Wiki.


manual:Calculations: 2 Hits
JavaScript_for_Automation: 1 Hits
manual:Variables: 1 Hits
Dates_and_Times: 1 Hits


manual:Calculations: 9 Hits
JavaScript_for_Automation: 2 Hits
action:Set_Variable_to_Calculation: 1 Hits


manual:Calculations: 11 Hits
JavaScript_for_Automation: 3 Hits
action:Set_Variable_to_Calculation: 1 Hits
Dates_and_Times: 1 Hits
manual:Variables: 1 Hits

Or try repeat* vs repeat | repeating | repeated |repeatedly

Also the combination of *globbing and | seems to work fine: calculat* | operator*

I don’t see this mentioned anywhere, and I think it’s worth to note it, for example on the Wiki home page.


Very much worth noting! Thank you!!

Excellent point, Tom. I'll add a remark to the Wiki home page about this.

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