Does Anyone Have any KM Macros for Automating PowerPoint?

Hey there,

At work I've been using a Windows machine and PowerPoint every day, so have been very familiar with many of the Alt shortcuts to move around quickly. We also have an Efficient Elements license which adds a ton of functionality and macros.

However I've recently gotten a mac and am new to the layout here (and a personal EE license is $100 per year... no thanks). KM has helped a ton with various applications and automations, however I was wondering if anyone had some cool PPT macros they could share so I don't have to build everything from scratch. First thing I've done is map Center Align and Mid Align to Option + C and Option + M respectively, as well as new slide to Command + M (like how on windows it's CTRL + M) instead of Command Shift N

Thanks all!


Wanted to share a silly macro I made here which I will actually use quite a lot. Probably a better way to do this but it creates a yellow text box with a black border (like a stickynote) where the mouse is, and then you can write a note on your slide that stands out.

It's currently doing this by finding the words for shape fill and shape outline and clicking on the color... there's probably a better way to do this but it works for now and I'm still learning :slight_smile:

Sticky Box.kmmacros (59.4 KB)

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I hope you don't mind that I have revised your topic title to better reflect the question you have asked.

Any PowerPoint power users here?

Does Anyone Have any KM Macros for Automating PowerPoint?

This will greatly help you attract more experienced users to help solve your problem, and will help future readers find your question, and the solution.

Have you tried a forum search?

Or it might be better to do a Google site search: powerpoint

Fair enough on the title change - happy to make it easier for all to benefit.

I have done a search on the forums / Google, but noticed most of the threads are asking specific questions or pertain to sharing specific macros. Was hoping to generate more general discussion / cool macro sharing in case anyone has developed any useful ones that they hadn't thought to share yet as the question hasn't been asked!

That's fine. Just so you know, usually Macros are shared one at a time, and posted in the #macro Library section.

So I'd suggest that you share any PowerPoint macros you already have, one at a time, in the Macro Library, and then, if you like, post a link to it here.