Does Keyboard Maestro handle keypad numbers differently?

I'm using Keyboard Maestro to show, hide and configure the side menus for multi-app workspaces, and then let Moom arrange the windows.

I've come across this unexpected behavior: Moom SEES the keystrokes from Keyboard Maestro if they’re on the main keyboard (i.e. Ctrl-7 on the top row). It DOESN'T SEE them from Keyboard Maestro if they’re on the numeric keypad (i.e. Ctrl-keypad 7). (I'm using the standard, large Apple USB keyboard I got with my 2013 iMac.)

Moom support seemed surprised their app could be controlled by Keyboard Maestro, so had no insight to this matter. Could it be something about the way Keyboard Maestro deals with the keypad, vs. how it deals with non-keypad numbers? Seems unlikely, knowing how well KM's put together.

Yes, they are treated differently. To get both a number key and a number pad key doing the same Keyboard Maestro macro, simply assign both as a hot key. For example:


Yes, I know they act as different triggers.

I'm talking about when KM runs a Type a Keystroke action, effectively typing a keypad numeral or a "top row" numeral. Moom doesn't respond to keypad numerals sent from KM, but it does respond to top-row numerals sent from KM. And, Moom responds to keypad input you manually type. Just not when KM sends it keypad input.


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