Does Keyboard Maestro Have a Hot Corners Trigger?

Hello guys!

Does KM support a trigger that fires whenever the mouse is on a hot corner? For example, trigger something when the mouse is on the top left or top right.

I see there is a question from 2017 but seems it is not yet implemented? Anyone has any clue?


I've been looking for this also.

Hopefully it will be implemented soon.

Honestly, the usefulness of this trigger is probably overestimated. I had set this up on a trial basis and stopped using it again. It is almost impossible not to trigger these macros again and again by mistake. Unless you only trigger them when a modifier is also pressed, but then the elegance is gone.

Ah, But you can already do something similar with KM - at least I think so. A macro is triggered when the mouse is somewhere (eg. in the upper right corner) and a letter is pressed.

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Hey @Frankb. I hope you are all right around there!

Well, for me, it is useful. I bought BTT just for that single feature, so in my particular case, it is handy, and I think some other people might find it helpful as well. Maybe not everyone.

I have seen that there is no cursor position trigger on macros, so it seems this cannot be simulated. I hope this is added in the future on KM :slight_smile:

Really?! Then I'm sure you haven't fully understood what BTT can do. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's more of an encouragement for you to find out how powerful this app actually is. :smiley: :smirk:

Yes, that is true, I have not fully explored BTT and would do that, but coming back to the point, I think there is a valid point for KM to have hot corner triggers :blush:

AFAIK Apple don't make the "pointer in a corner" event publicly available, which is why KM can't use it as a trigger. If the folks at BTT have rolled their own detection scheme, more power to them.

You could, of course, DIY in KM as well -- a permanently running macro that checks the pointer position every second and fires off another macro when the pointer's in a corner. But that would likely be less efficient than BTT's lower-level code.