Does Keyboard maestro take advantage of multiple core processors?


I am using KM to run around 10ish individual macros simultaneously, generally using them to read text and transcribe what they find. Is this sort of thing benefited by a multi-core processor? Reason for the question is I'm upgrading my mac, and there's the option of getting a 10-core 3.6 ghz processor, or an 8-core 3.8 ghz processor. The 10 core is overall faster for programs that support multicore. Which would be better for KM in my case(and i know my use case is rather vague. It's for work, so I can't go into great detail).

Thanks for any guidance.

Sounds like a question for @peternlewis.

Macros all run in the main thread, so they will not in general benefit from multiple cores (though your Mac may be doing more things while Keyboard Maestro is processing macros).

However certain facilities use multiple cores. In particular, the Find Image action will use all your cores to search for the matching image. A few other CPU intensive actions will use multiple cores. I'm not sure if the OCR code uses multiple cores or not.

Generally, I'd say multiple cores will not particularly benefit Keyboard Maestro except in the Find Image facility.

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Thanks Peter, that's exactly what I wanted to know. This is actually great, because now I can save 400 bucks by getting the 8 core processor instead of the 10 core.

Much obliged!