Does KM Editor have to start with MacOS?

We have 20 Mac’s and I’m wondering if it would be possible to start the KM engine when system reboots, but not the KM Editor? I just realized that my Google Drive sync folder has 15 extra [Conflict] files and I think it might be a result of KM editor opening each time a system is rebooted and users are making accidental changes.

Hey Jimmy,

The Keyboard Maestro editor should NOT be launching when your Mac boots.

The only KM app that should be in your System Prefs ⇢ User ⇢ Login Items is the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

If somehow the editor has gotten in there too you can just delete it.


Therein lies my problem. I told the computers to start KM application because I don’t have KM Engine in the applications folder. Just noticed that I can launch the Engine on boot from KM prefs. THANKS! Now I’m tasked with removing the editor from 20 machines, woo!

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I never knew that. Thanks!

If only people would read the Quick Start!

And people wonder why programmers hate spending time writing documentation!


BUSTED! :oncoming_police_car: Actually though, I did read the Quickstart, just must have glanced over / missed that part. Thanks again!