Does KM have a keylogger feature? A way to track my ... keyboard activity?

Hello, I'm trying to find a way to track my most commonly typed words and phrases to beef up my KM text expanding library and increase my typing efficiency. A tech-savvy friend suggested a keylogger but... I'm not really looking for any sort of 'monitoring' functionality, it would just be nice to generate some sort of report that tells me my most frequently typed words. Anybody have ideas for this? I'm hoping KM can somehow do this because KM CAN DO ANYTHING! Or so I like to think haha.


KM does not have a built-in Action to do this, but could use a third-party app/util that does.

I'd suggest some research using google search. But be careful. Any program that can capture all of your keystrokes could be very dangerous, as it would also capture sensitive info, passwords, etc. It could then, without your knowledge, send this info to a hacker.

Frankly, I'd find some other way to accomplish your objective.

For example, most of the typing of words of interest would likely be into some document. So, I'd save these documents as plain text, and then find an app to identify the most commonly used words.


You could probably kludge something together with regex based typed string triggers. You shouldn't, but you could.

TextExpander might help, it displays suggestions, a list of your most frequently used words and phrases

Thanks for the input everyone! Yeah, I realised that external programs like that could be dangerous, and what I saw online freaked me out a bit.

@vincent_ardern I have no clue what you're talking about, so I probably won't go that route LOL.

@hello I know a couple other people who use TextExpander and noted that it displays suggestions based on your typing habits, so I may give that a try, thanks!

Thanks again everyone.

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