Does KM have an action to `Move currently selected macro to a group` fast

Say I am in below state:

I have a macro selected. I want to trigger something that will show a list like this:

But it will be all the KM groups. On enter, it will move the selected macro(s) into that group.

Would really really love this.

There’s this:


Oh thats cool. Hopefully @peternlewis adds this natively in next version

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I doubt it - normally you would simply drag the macro to the desired group.

Sadly this is a really bad option for me:

Hope you do consider adding this natively.

Hi, @nikivi. Another option is to select the macro(s) in the current group, type ⌘-x, move to the target group, and then type ⌘-v.

As one that suffers from ergo pain due to mouse overuse, I always seek options to avoid dragging.

(If, in the current group, you need to select non-adjacent macros, click one, hold down ⌘ as you click others. Then follow the steps above.)