Does macroes created in KM 8.1 work well being exported to KM 6 (under Mavericks)?


I have a good old mac with Mavericks and KM ver. 6. Will it happily accept importing macroes created in KM 8.1?


Hey Saimen,

Unfortunately not.

“Keyboard Maestro 8 for OS X 10.10+ (including Mojave).”



Ooops. Ok! Kind of understandable in a way. I guess there are many new functions in 8 which are not supported in older versions.



Can your machine handle El Capitan?

That's the best version of macOS in the last few years, and it will operate Keyboard Maestro 8.



I am not sure if it would be "happy" in El Capitan, being a MBpro Late 2008 with 8 GB?


Hey Saimen,

Compatible with “MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)”.

I ran El Capitan quite happily on my Mid 2010 17" i7 MacBook Pro with 8 GB.