Does Pause Until Found Image return the position of the found image?

I remember a while back talking about the possibility of having Pause Until Found Image store the location of the found image, when it found it. Perhaps in Action Result, or some such place. So it would be easy to add a Click action afterwords.

Did this ever get implemented?



Dan, I think so, but have not tested recently.
I believe it should be in the FoundImage token.

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Perfect, thanks! By the way, I clicked the "Help" context menu for "Pause until", and didn't find anything specific enough for "found image". Or maybe I'm blind. But I'm not sure how easy this is to discover. Just a thought.

Thanks again!!

The Pause Until action has a large number of conditions that can be used. Found Image condition is just one of them, and it is listed there. If you click on the link to Found Image condition, you will see:

After an Action like this is executed, and an image was found, then the %FoundImage% token (v8+) will return the coordinates, size, and fuzz of the image.

Oops. We all know developers are the worse ad RTFM'ing. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

So not only did I forget that there was a FoundImage token, but I forgot that I already made a KMFAM action for it:



Thank you @DanThomas for your post :+1:

It goes very well with my screenshot macro to use an image for the break action.

Pause Until Image.kmmacros (12,5 KB)


Great idea!

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