Does WordPress provide hosting?

I am going to start a new blog niche in technology. I have just bought the domain ..anyone let me know if you install the WordPress. will it provide me the hosting as well?

There are two options: will let you download and install the WordPress software to run on a server of your own choosing. The WordPress software is free. The server costs are up to you. will host your WordPress blog for you, for a fee, but they will take care of keeping it up to date and running smoothly. is where I host because I got tired of dealing with managing server software for hosting my site. I think Iā€™m paying like $8/month or something like that.


Simply such sites will provide you hosting as well. Only you need to pay reasonable charges & you can have it with security services.

adding to @tjluoma: offers a free option, but no domain included.
For a fee, there's also A Small Orange and others, but is the easiest to get started.

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