Doesn't vanish!

Hi and good day,

Cannot get rid of that Context Window (”Macro Chooser”?) when I have several macros assigned to the same trigger.

After deletion or deactivation of all other macros, with only ONE left (with that said trigger) the Context Window (”Macro Chooser”?) is still showing them! - strange, do I have to empty some cache?

the ”check for updates” won’t come up, although I was earlier prompted for an update to vs. 6.

Please what can it be?

with best regards,
Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden

Sounds to me like the Keyboard Maestro editor is not able to communicate with the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

I have seen occasions where the distributed notification system (which is what Keyboard Maestro uses to communicate between the editor and engine) stops functioning.

Restarting will presumably fix this, but since I have no idea what would cause the system to fail that way, there is no way to know whether it will reappear.

If the editor cannot communicate with the engine, then it cannot notify it when the macros change, nor can it ask it to check for a new version.


By (another?) restart of MacOSX !


Peter -

I have occasional instances where strange things happen with KM, specifically with macro palettes refusing to become visible. Only happens after coming out of sleep (the computer not me - well, sometimes both). Stopping and starting the engine solves this, although every once in awhile I have to do it twice.

I don’t report these issues, because I have no way to reproduce them, and I haven’t thought you’d find it useful to hear about something you can’t test.

Personally, I can live with it just fine. But I got to thinking that I’m not being of much help to you without trying to do something to both let you know, and help you debug the problem.

If (when) something like this happens again, is there anything I can do that would help you figure out what’s happening? If not, that’s cool. I just want to help if I can.

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An easy way to test if the distributed notifications have started failing is to simply make a change to a macro in the editor (create a new global macro and add a status menu) and see if the Engine notices it. If not, the editor is unable to communicate with the engine. Since this uses a fairly straight forward system level API, as far as I can see in this case there is nothing I can do to resolve it. It’s basically the equivalent of picking up your mobile phone and not having a signal - all you can do is restart it or wait for someone else to fix the problem.

Since it seems not particularly common, not repeatable, and not something I can fix, it is not really something I am tracking much.

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