Don’t “upgrade” to Mojave beta 4 or 6 or 7

Unfortunately, it looks like Mojave beta 4 has taking an additional step backwards, and now instead of just being difficult to enable accessibility, and possibly requiring a restart, even after a restart Keyboard Maestro Engine, even when checked in the accessibility permissions will not in fact be granted accessibility.

So don't “upgrade” to Mojave beta 4 unless you can live without Keyboard Maestro (and who could?).

Hopefully Apple will resolve this sometime soon.


If you get here because you already upgraded to Developer Beta 4 / Public Beta 3, you can, as an ugly hack, copy the Keyboard Maestro out of the Keyboard bundle (Keyboard and run it manually, which will let you stagger along in Mojave until Apple fixes this (which I believe they are working on).


Mojave (Developer Betas 5 / Public Betas 4) appears to have resolved the accessibility issues with Keyboard Maestro Engine (as well as a memory leak issue that would cause Keyboard Maestro Engine’s memory usage to slowly grow unbounded.

You still have to relaunch the Keyboard Maestro Engine or make a change to the macros after enabling accessibility to allow Keyboard Maestro Engine to work properly, but I should be able to resolve that.


Unfortunately, Mojave Beta 6 and 7 will prompt for every application you want to control with AppleScript/AppleEvents. You just need to OK it. Keyboard Maestro uses various AppleEvents and AppleScript to control Chrome for the Google Chrome actions, as well as if you explicitly control Chrome using Execute AppleScript for example. However the system does not distinguish properly between the Keyboard Maestro editor and the Keyboard Maestro Engine, so each time you OK one, it removes permission for the other, resulting in endlessly having to allow AppleScript permissions for each. As with beta 4, you can avoid this with the hack of copying the Keyboard Maestro out of the Keyboard and running it independently, but this is quite problematic.

Mojave Developer Beta 9 (18A377a) appears to resolve the issues with Keyboard Maestro.

If you know of any remaining issues in Mojave Developer Beta 9 (which I believe is the same as Public Beta 8), please report them immediately.